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Simstat is a statistical analysis tool designed for office activities
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Simstat is an original application that will let you perform advanced statistic analysis with powerful features of output data management. For instance, the application has its own scripting language that is very similar to the BASIC programming language, and it will let you create small programs, develop interactive multimedia tutorials and create interview systems assisted by the computer.

Before starting to use the program, you have to learn the basics about the way Simstat works. In the program interface you will find four important windows that will let you perform all your tasks. The first one is the data window where values can be entered, browsed and edited, in a way similar to a spreadsheet. Another one is the Notebook/Statistical Analysis window where you will see the statistical output for all analysis performed during a session. On the third window all high-resolution charts created during a session will be displayed; it's important to know that it can display different types of statistic graphics (it supports 3D graphics). And finally, the script window will let you enter, edit, and execute commands.

Besides, it's compatible with the most popular formats of spreadsheets and data bases and it's able to generate tables and graphics of high quality.

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  • Script language similar to BASIC
  • It's compatible with many spreadsheets and data base formats


  • You have to learn the basics before starting to use the program
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